We are so happy to introduce this incredibly brave Galga, ‘Amira’ to the Project Galgo family.

Amira was thankfully rescued by our friends at Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert.

DOB 20/04/2017.

She arrived in a very fearful state – if a human being approached even a distance away, she would cower, tremble, make herself as invisible as possible. She didn’t want to gain any eye contact.

Little by little with the volunteers who wouldn’t force her to engage, she began to observe… and see that they were not there to inflict pain or fear.

Recently she has felt less inclined to keep her distance but she is still hesitant, still wary.

Amira is a truly striking Galga who shows such bravery.

She will need a calm, gentle home, in a reasonably quiet area, with a confident, stable dog for moral support.

Amira is now in one of our super foster homes in Norfolk.



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