Chanel… No 5

Chanel… No 5

Cute & Classy

Chanel came from La Guarida alongside Sachi, Malia and Lucia.

Chanel is a young Galga of about 6 months old. She is a beautiful, affectionate, happy, sociable and playful dog,  a bright young spark! She loves to play with the rest of her doggy companions.

I mean, just took at that face!

Chanel will need ongoing support with toilet training and total commitment in nurturing her through puppyhood which can be very challenging! And then there is adolescence and the rest of her life! She can be a little nervous of the outside world but with another dog, feels a lot easier. She is good on the lead and friendly.

She needs a home where her humans are around a lot, with a confident and playful dog.

Chanel is in foster in Bristol.

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Chanel… No 5

Chanel… No 5

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