Comin Soon

The first Azawakhs of Project Galgo!

This stunning boy was rescued from a truck which was taking them to be put to sleep, along with his two brothers.

Cedar will be coming to Project Galgo at the end of Febuary 2023.

He is a nervous boy to begin with so will need some time – we estimate the transition to home life will be difficult but that he will, in the right hands, could grow to enjoy it.

He will certainly need a home which is quiet, calm and not in an urban area.

To adopt, please submit the application form or to sponsor this amazing boy, please get in touch with sponsorship@projectgalgo.com


Please use the form below to get in touch and ask about this adoption.

Adopting or fostering a dog is hugely enjoyable and rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work, and it’s a big decision. Below are the 3 steps involved in the process of either adoption or fostering. Step 1 is to learn what’s involved; about Project Galgo, about adoption and about fostering. Step 2 is to contact us for more information and we’ll discuss everything with you. The final step is to fill out either the adoption or fostering forms and officially start the process. These forms are in depth, and may take you some time to fill out. It is recommended you do this on a laptop or desktop computer. It is required that you fill out every field, the forms will not submit if questions are skipped.