Elliot (Eli)

Elliot (Eli)


Please welcome one of the most beautiful boys ever….

Elliot, or Eli as is known to his foster mum.

We feel so honoured to be helping this boy come to terms with his traumatic past. He has been in a fantastic foster home in Spain and is now in one of our super foster homes.

When this boy begins to trust, it is the most phenomenal gift of all. To see his fears begin to ease and to see him experiencing moments of joy is incredible.

When he arrived in the sanctuary, he was terrified and it took a while in foster for him to understand he was not going to be hurt again. Of course this fear remains with him in new situations but what Elliot shows is remarkable courage in making steps to trust the love he is now shown.

He has had a horrifying life up until his rescue and what is essential for anyone considering adopting him is the understanding that he will need time and a very quiet environment.  As with all our dogs, our adopters need to go at a pace which is comfortable to the dog, not to force them, not to have any preconceived ideals, but to just accept and take things slowly.  A semi or wholly rural home with other dogs, including another sighthound, is essential. He can live with dog savvy cats also.

To be with this boy is the best feeling in the world – his soul is one of the most special and the love and joy he will give in time powerful. With his immediate family, he bonds quickly.

In foster in Hertfordshire.

If you would like to adopt Elliot, please submit an adoption application, or consider sponsoring him by getting in touch with at sponsorship@projectgalgo.com


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Elliot (Eli)

Elliot (Eli)

Elliot (Eli)

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