Lance, Nadeem, Aalia, and Helena

Lance, Nadeem, Aalia, and Helena

Bahrain Saluki Pups

Please meet Helena, Nadeem, Aalia and Lance, the four saluki pups who were saved by our great friend Emtinan Zidany of Rays of Hope – For Dogs in Bahrain.

Helena is the girl in the top picture, the cream boy is Nadeem, then the girl with the heart shape on her forehead is Aalia, followed by boy Lance.

These pups were found abandoned on the beach in the ferocious heat and when they found some shade, locals were throwing stones at them.

Emtinan was alerted to this cruel situation and after hearing that some locals were going to come down to poison them, she dropped everything to work on their safe capture. This was not easy – two of them were very nervous after the treatment they had received from locals.

We owe their lives to Emtinan and her good friend Debbie who helped her get them to safety as soon as possible.

These pups are now five and a half months old. They are vaccinated, microchipped but due to their age will not be neutered.

They have no hope of finding a home where they are and we are looking for experienced puppy fosters or adopters for each of them.

Now being puppies, they need a great deal of input and care. As with humans, positive foundations in formative stages of life are so essential. Puppies need time and effort and support through some challenging phases in life such as puppyhood, adolescence and all that comes with. Puppies teeth and chew things. Puppies need patience. They need guidance with house-training which can take many months. Puppies need far more sleep than many people realise. They need gentle exercise and introduction to situations.

If you feel you have the right environment and situation to either foster or adopt one of these beautiful Saluki pups, then either complete an adoption application, or email

Lance, Nadeem, Aalia, and Helena

Lance, Nadeem, Aalia, and Helena

Lance, Nadeem, Aalia, and Helena

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