Another casualty rescued by our friends at Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert – a little Podenca that had been run over and had a fractured spine and one of her legs. At that time the doors to FBM were closed, but they didn’t say no, rather “give us a little time”…

Her condition was critical and required urgent intervention, so Lunita was operated on and admitted to another hospital while we waited for her to be taken care of.

Lunita is nothing short of a miracle and though her prognosis looked bleak, she is now mobile, moving well, though she hops!

Every day she gets better and better.

She is teeny at 6kg and with no disease.

This beautiful girl is one of the most cheerful, affectionate dogs you could ever meet.

We want her to find her family here in the UK.


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Adopting or fostering a dog is hugely enjoyable and rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work, and it’s a big decision. Below are the 3 steps involved in the process of either adoption or fostering. Step 1 is to learn what’s involved; about Project Galgo, about adoption and about fostering. Step 2 is to contact us for more information and we’ll discuss everything with you. The final step is to fill out either the adoption or fostering forms and officially start the process. These forms are in depth, and may take you some time to fill out. It is recommended you do this on a laptop or desktop computer. It is required that you fill out every field, the forms will not submit if questions are skipped.