Please all welcome beautiful Galga Tera.

Tera came from La Guarida shelter in Puente Genil together with Tora.

Date of birth 28/06/2014

Tera is a Galguita who is shy at first, but she is not fearful. In the street she walks without any problem on the leash and without fear. In her foster home she behaves very well, she has a very balanced character. She needs some time to gain confidence, and she is more trusting with men than with women. She does all her needs in the street, where she enjoys very much her walks and the routes she does with her foster family. Tera is sociable with all dogs regardless of sex and size and is also suitable to live with cats.

Tera is not compatible with small children because she gets scared.

Unfortunately Tera had a tumour, however, it was removed and she was put on chemo as preventative. She has had her check up with the vet specialist in Spain and got the all clear. She will need check ups for monitoring, just to be on the safe side.

Tera is now in a super foster home in Cambridgeshire.

To  adopt, please submit the application form or to sponsor this beautiful girl, please get in touch with sponsorship@projectgalgo.com



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