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Our auctions are renowned for their exceptional quality and promotion of some of the most talented, inspiring, award winning creatives and designers; often featuring unique boutiques and shops, even holidays, make-up artists and restaurants!

With their incredible support and generosity, we have been able to raise amazing amounts of money, in order to continue our work. Our most recent Spring Auction of 2024 raised a staggering £9332 and our Spring Auction of 2023 raised a phenomenal £11,000 – not just a record for Project Galgo, but a record for auctions within the animal rescue world.

We have a passion for discovering and showcasing new creatives and quirky shops and love holding these sensational auctions.

Here is the wonderful plethora of donors who have featured so far…

Spring Auction 2024

East Ruston Cottages, Sally Muir, HoundTees, Made by Harriet, Boturnell Farm Cottages, Sophie Ryder, Steve Wirtz, Catherine Husenau, Count Barkula, Louise Charles-Saarikoski, Victoria Coleman, Joanna Osborne, Doggy Boho, Le Pup, House of Hawks, Snorkeler, Higgledy Ink, Julie Miles, Lucy Gell, Lune Elie, Tanja Kooymans, Sassy Hardwick, Tanya Russell, Kat Lendacka, Brighthelm Stone, Janine Me, Blas & Co, Patrizia Lenni, Life like Charlie, Dragon in Pyjamas, DaMYOnArt, So Gingerly Hounds, Liz and Kate Pope Art, Sass Artworks, Gems Illustrations, Woollatt Felts, Sarah Halliday, Whippet Wardrobe, Katie Whitton, Bryony Moss Illustrations, Lou Dart, Houndstuff, Amalue Leith, Petwiz, RollerDog, Say in Silver, Justine Osborne, Jim Griffiths, Lazy Hounds, Suze Mary Art, Bow Wow Sketch, Ashley Percival, Lola and Daisy Designs, Matt Foy, Sweet Rosie Jewellery, Happy Print Designer, Steve Mitchell Prints, The Whippet Coats, Silver Peacock, Blackrock Rosie, Pickle and Boot, Handybags and Totes, Jackie Shackson, All About Hounds, Dynamic Dog Art, Grace Cuddle Art, Stroli, Michele Wilshaw, Mayas Curiosities, The Whippet Coats, Emma Bissonett, Yarn Hounds, Terrierzs, Almost an Angel, Hidden Worlds Art, Janet Davies, WRBC Ink, Kathryn Rowe Illustrations, West Morland Design, Cottage White Crafts, House of Dog, The Tweed Squirrel Co, Pet Face, Mummy Minestrone, Badgers Sett Doorstops, Debbie Powell Creations, Simon Seabright Gifts, Hoppahund, Wake Uk, Whippet World 1, Maker Mouse, Tabby Workshop, Edwin Uk, Callieboos, Snooch Doggy Dog, Becca Hall Illustrates, Felt n Fantasy, Soothe and Settle, Trucks Treasure Trove…

Autumn Auction 2023

So far featuring Whyn Lewis, Jane Shaw, Ros Beck, Sally Muir, Count Barkula, MadaboutGreys Photography, HoundTees, Julie Miles, Janine Me, Jim Griffiths, Tim Southall, East Ruston Cottages, Lune Elie, Noble Noses, Doggy Boho, Bryony Moss Illustration, Made by Harriet, AK Creations

Eco Auction 2023

East Ruston Cottages, Top of the Woods, Le Pup, Petface, Pencilfaceprints, Petwiz, SayInSilver, The Sighthound Club, SendSnoots, OceanLeash, Doggy Boho, Voyager Hemp, CallieBoos, Absurd Designs, Adios Plastic, Make It Custom Design, Wonky Dog Design, Wake Uk, Daisy Moon Pets, Hoomans Friend, Cadoha, Blas & Co, Totally Tote Bags, Planet Rubber, Tucks Treasure Trove, DPowell Creations, Cockahoop Crafts, Branch Out Fire Upcycling, Crystal Wolf Collars, 1 Tree Cards, Maker Mouse, Robin Valley, Velo Culture, Harver Pets, Sarah Turner Eco Design, SKTtheshop, Cjsemporium

Spring Auction 2023

Whyn Lewis, James Needham, Sally Muir, Dominica Yannaghas, Ros Beck, Sabina Sinko, Sophie Ryder, Made by Harriet, Steve Wirtz, Lune Elie, Bow Wow Sketch, Fawn & Blue, Ninos del Viento, HoundTees, Valerie Davide, Silver Peacock, Justine Osborne, Swash, Victoria Coleman, Boturnell Farm Cottages, Catherine Husenau, Lucy Gell, The Lounging Hound, Paul Croes, Louise Saarikoski, Last Night in Limehouse, Katie Whitton, Jim Griffiths, Blackrock Rosie, Le Pup, Urban Stay, Bracken and Paws, The Whippet Wardrobe, Janine Me, PawtiqeBlas & Co, Matt Foy, Julie Miles, Patrizia Lenni, Travis Patenaude, Jackie Shackson, Wonky Dog Design, Ollie Tuck, Camilla Frederick, The Borough Collective, Sarah Halliday, Higgledy Ink, The Artful Dog Studio, Henryka, Michelle Wilshaw Print, Edify Clothing, Tanja Kooymans, Stroli, CosiGroo Coats, Kerry Whishaw, Katherine Rowe, House of Hawks, Magdalena Creative, The Tweed Squirrel, Grace Cuddle Art, Diana Shepherd, Denise Laurent, Bryony Moss Illustration, Amalue Leith, RollerDog, Abi Salvesen, The Lazy Lurcher Company, Slumbering Hound, Worn Free Store, All About Hounds, Lou Dart, Green Hound Shop, Hound Heart Collars, Mummy Minestrone, Lola and Daisy Designs, Whimsical Pooches, The Whippet Coats, Fish! Restaurant, Melanie Brown, Janet Davies, Faris Jewels, Spuds Dogs Coats, Lazy Hounds, WonderSquad, Noddy & Sweets, Goldie Design Studio, Boden, Pug and Puffin, Angela Banwell, D Powell Creations, Izzy & Finns, Emmas Emporium, Brighthelm Stone, HWR Designs, Mayas Curiosities, Emma Bissonnet, Yarn Hounds, Innocent Hound, HKA Ceramics, JR Pet Products, Avril Mandelson, Petwiz, Wildwood Paper Store, The Illustrated Whisp, Woofleys and Co, LinoKing, Bisq d Ceramics, Forest Fleece Ltd, The House of Dog, Rocket68, Yoga Legs, Transcend Bitless Bridle

Christmas Auction 2022

Whyn Lewis, Higgledy Ink, Hannah Turner Ceramics, Ros Beck, Catherine Husenau, Vicki Horsley Ceramics, Bow Wow Sketch, Skinny Angels, The Tweed Squirrel, Lou Dart, All About Hounds, Magpie and Butterfly, Wonky Dog Design, RollerDog, Amalue Leith, Jackie Shackson, Katie Whitton, The Illustrated Whisp,  Buddys Bowtique, Dazzle Dogs, So Gingerly Hounds, Valerie Davide, The Whippet Coats, Patrizia Lenni, Tanja Kooymans, Magdelena Creative, Snorkeler, Spuds Dogs Coats, Natty Deco, Niica Gifts, Blas & Co, HKA Ceramics, Homebird at Heart, The Sighthound Store, Sarah Halliday, Wildwood Paper Store, NaughtyDOG2, Kathryn Rowe, Sally Paget Designs, Kitsch Collars, Julie Miles, Lucy Gell, Janet Davies, Justine Osborne, Cosy Beasties.. 

Earlier in 2022

Steve Wirtz, Sabina Sinko, Robert James Clarke, Silver Peacock, RichardsonRichardson, Sally MuirBecca Illustrates, Lune Elie, James Needham, Dominca Yannaghas, Camilla Frederick, Hannah Turner Ceramics, Jim Griffiths, Pippas Pottery, Last Night in Limehouse, Neluco Hounds, Mike Ramshaw, Louise Saarikoski, AK Creations, Victoria Coleman, Diana Shepherd, Pickle and Boot, DG Dog Gear, Sass Artworks, The Lounging Hound, Sarah Halliday, Beth Goodwin Designs, Blackrock RosieMagpie and Butterfly, Lebon Ceramics, Anna Fitzgerald Art, Ollie Tuck, Field and Fur Gifts, Bird and Blend,