Charity Registration

As of 13th January 2022, we were granted Charity Registration Status – this is something we are so proud of. Our Charity Registration Number is 1197487.

We are delighted to announce our board of Trustees:

Helena Jackson, Director, Founder

Paul Jackson, Treasurer

Grace Filmer, Secretary

Grace Filmer joined Project Galgo in 2021 as Secretary and Trustee. In addition to this, they also run the charity’s Instagram page – creating everything from awareness to drag race memes. Alongside her work and advocacy for sighthounds and Project Galgo, Grace also works to promote the arts. Though she does not currently care for a sighthound, she dreams of the day when she can adopt one! In the meantime, she’ll continue to repost pictures of snoots and campaign for the end of abuse against animals.

Pennie Clayton, Trustee and Patron

I have been involved with ex racing greyhounds for many years and do volunteer work for one of the Greyhound Trusts that most of my greyhounds have come from. Greyhounds are my passion and they are often institutionalised and therefore need help when they are rehomed. Galgo’s and podenco’s by contrast have very different lives which are frequently filled with cruelty which often culminates in early death through barbaric means. While greyhounds don’t always get the best start in life, the research I have done into the reality of life for the galgo’s and podenco’s shows a stark distinction.

Long live Project Galgo. May the general public, through the work of people that care as deeply as the team that run Project Galgo, support and assist the principals that were put into motion when they took the decision to work so hard in order to find homes for dogs that have been through the kind of brutality that no animal should ever have to tolerate.

Camilla Beardsmore, Trustee – bio coming soon

Samantha Walker-Arends, Trustee

‘I am a Canine Behaviourist and Trainer based on the East Hertfordshire and West Essex border.
I’m a member of a number of force free dog training organisations including the PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) and PPG (Pet Professional Guild). I’m also an approved trainer for KAD (Kids Around Dogs).
I have a particular passion for working with rescue dogs and supporting them in their new homes. My aim is to improve the lives of dogs and their humans and help them to build a wonderful relationship based on trust and understanding.
I share my life with my Rescue Greyhound Ivy and my Rescue Galgo Reyna (who came into my life as a ‘foster’ and who I couldn’t part with). Although they spend the majority of the time asleep – they both fulfil my life immensely!’