Dingo had been waiting a whole year or so and we couldn’t understand why. Such a sublime boy, with an incredibly serene spirit. We were all so moved by his ‘trancing’ (Also called “ghost-walking” or “weed-walking,” trancing refers to a behaviour in which some dogs walk  in an almost trance-like manner, usually under hanging leaves, tablecloths or clothes that lightly touch the dog’s back).

We had reserved him to come into one of our lovely foster homes to arrive a couple of weeks ago when something tragic happened.

On running out to the patio with his mates he fell and broke his front leg. It was a very bad break and resulted in amputation.

We were totally gutted for him. All this time waiting and so close to getting into a warm home for Christmas.

Because of the severity of the break, they needed to investigate for possible osteosarcoma. We would have still brought him to the UK.

But we have some amazing news, regardless of the outcome.

A thoroughly lovely lady, Jana, with such a wonderful heart and soul, who often volunteers at FBM, fell in love with this boy and has not been able to forget the connection she felt with Dingo.

Some connections are so deep, so powerful and undeniable, so very special. And so Dingo has his family at last!

Our Christmas wish for him was to be united with his family to spend his first Christmas, hopefully of many, surrounded in love, peace and warmth and we are so happy to say our wish came true.

We thank everyone at FBM for everything they have done for this beautiful, golden boy.

We wish Dingo and his adoring family all the very best of futures – together at last.