March 6, 2022

The Darkest Month



Project Galgo has a very important objective – to urgently raise awareness in the UK of the plight of the Galgos & Podencos of Spain and with that in mind, an exceptional collaborator and person, Diego Cassiel, volunteered his time to very kindly develop a concept with one of our Trustees, Allyson, of the A to Z of the suffering of these angels for international distribution.  The UK needs to wake up to what is happening on our doorstep and constant images of happy Galgos on sofas make change far too slow.

Yes, we are aware that it’s controversial to publish distressing images and videos but all of our rescue partners do and we understand that many of you will say ‘ I can’t cope seeing those images’.   BUT, please ask yourself…do these poor dogs want us to bear it for their sake and the answer is YES.

Diego had been unaware of their plight but worked through his distress to produce this impacting video to help so if you do choose to watch, you are not only supporting the Galgos and Podencos but also the rescue groups who have to witness and deal with this heart breaking reality on a day to day basis, they can NEVER look away.

Please support us to become one of the leading rescue groups in the UK for Galgos and Podencos and help us to help them.  A heartfelt thanks goes to Diego, Aspa, Marina and Aza of FBM, Martha of GEF and Lucia Marconi, musician and songwriter who also worked through her distress to produce the haunting music for this video.