July 20, 2022

Four More Sensational Salukis Arrive

The wait is over! It is with great relief we tell you that after severe delays, our Fab four have now arrived.
We welcome four extraordinary souls – Misk, Faye, Chance and Jouri.
A very stressful and frustrating experience for all concerned but we are relieved to report that thanks to a united effort and our super transport Happy Saluki Pet Transport our salukis are now on their way to Eurotunnel, UK bound! Johnny, we cannot thank you enough
We owe such special thanks to Emtinan of Rays of Hope – “For Dogs in Bahrain” who saved these four beautiful souls from unthinkable fates, for their lovely flight volunteer who stayed with them and our great foster homes who we wouldn’t function without.
Thank you all for your support. Together we are stronger!
Unite with us, be a voice for the voiceless!