Four Saluki Beach Pups and Bash

From serious danger, these four Saluki pups were rescued by the amazing Emtinan of Rays Of Hope – For Dogs in Bahrain.

They had been abandoned with their other siblings and mother. It is with deep sadness that we share with you that their mother and two other siblings disappeared without trace.

Owing to the severity of danger, whereby Emtinan was alerted the municipality were due to arrive to either poison or shoot the puppies, Emtinan and her great friend Debbie dropped everything to go and get them to shelter.

Two were very fearful due to the harsh treatment of locals, who had taken to throwing rocks at them, kicking them. It was perhaps only a matter of time where they would try to run them over.

Being Rays of Hope’s only trusted UK partners, Emtinan asked us to help the pups and we urgently appealed for foster or furever homes here in the UK. Thanks to several very good people, we secured places for them.

Helena, Lance, Aalia and Nadeem have now all arrived in the UK, along with gorgeous older saluki pup Bash who Emtinan had rescued at 3 months old. Upon rescue, he was so malnourished and so low, he could not stand unaided.

To find out more about them all, please head to our Adoption Page