Galgo Gas

Galgo Gas - Project Galgo

Want to buy a different sort of gift for a friend or family?

What about buying some Galgo Miles?

Another great way to help our Galgos and Podencos is by donating towards their transport costs. It costs a total of 400 euros to transport one Galgo or Podenco, and we also give a donation of 200 euros to the shelter to help towards the medical treatment they need, food etc.

Each dog has to travel a minimum of 1301 miles. Often they will travel together, with their friends. Estimated, the cost per Galgo mile is 30p! You can buy from 10 miles upwards (£3 minimum) and we will update the Galgo
Gasometer after each contribution is made. If you buy more than 20 miles, you get a Galgo Gas Car sticker which comes in a choice of colours.

To buy Galgo miles, just drop us a line at for further details or use the form below…