August 8, 2023

Help for Epi

We are very sorry to tell you that over the weekend of 6th August 2023, after two weeks of being seizure free, Epi had a cluster of severe seizures. After two close together which were very violent, a quick decision was made to take him to the emergency vet hospital. Sadly, he suffered 6 in total, and another over night at the hospital.
The fits were severe and  he arrived at the hospital unresponsive.
Thankfully, he came round, but suffered another. He was referred with urgency to the Royal Veterinary College, Potters Bar to Neurology.
The emergency vet visit will cost in the region of £1500-£2000, the referral and investigations with the Neurology department is estimated at £4000-£5000. This will include blood tests, an MRI and a possible Spinal Tap at least.
We need your help urgently to help us with this – we are sorry to have to ask.
Please if you can donate for Epi, we would be so thankful, and if you can’t donate, please share far and wide.