There are so many fantastic creatives and shops out there who specialise in sighthound wear – we would like to share a few of our favourites!

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All our dogs must wear escape proof harnesses. Our recommended brands for these are:

Haqihana Double H Harness

Mis Canijos


Dry Dogs Escape Proof Harness 

Ruff Wear Web Master Harness 

Houndstuff Escape Proof Harness



Cosy Groo Coats

Bracken And Paws

Blas & Co

Skinny Angels

Le Pup

AK Creations

DG Dog Gear 

The Whippet Wardrobe


Silver Peacock

Doggy Boho

Fawn & Blue

Last Night in Limehouse

Lazy Lurcher Company

Natural Treats/Chews

Natural Treats

Healthful Pets


James Needham

Whyn Lewis 

Sophie Ryder

Bow Wow Sketch

Sally Muir 

Higgledy Ink 

Louise Charles Saarikoski


Made by Harriet 

Jo Osborne

Julie Miles  

Count Barkula

Steve Wirtz  

House of Hawks

Lucy Gell

Sparkly Tails 

Sighthound Holidays

East Ruston Cottages 

Boturnell Farm Cottages