Loma and Friends Fundraising Raffle Extravaganza!

🦮💝🦮LOMA’S LEGACY – final total £1,503.00🦮💝🦮
Emergency Fundraiser Raffle for Loma and friends, raising much needed monies for their Vet fees and ongoing medical treatment.
We are shocked and devastated.
We do not have the vet report from when the decision was made to euthanise so we are unable to share with you what exactly happened.
There is not a word to best describe Loma – when you saw her, your heart glistened. Her spirit was iridescent. Her soul touched yours in such a glorious way.
If ever there was an angel to have walked, or trotted among us, it was Loma. And the tears fall heavily.
Just looking back on the videos of her in Spain, with her foster family, so happy, radiant, so full of life and glee – it pains us so much to know that has gone.
It is hard to take comfort from such a loss, but we have to remember the time she had, the love she knew, the joy she felt, and the lives and hearts she touched with her unique and brilliant charm. She was the best. And will be so sorely missed by many.
We are eternally grateful to Galgos en Familia for saving this extraordinary and precious girl who had suffered so much and been so let down.
We are thankful for all who remained hopeful and strong for her, all who have been behind her recovery. She was so brave.
“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feather touch of the breast of a dove, but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.”
Her light will shine on in our hearts and memories.
In view of the devastating news about Loma who was very sadly sent to Rainbow Bridge, we decided to continue the raffle in her memory and honour. Loma’s Legacy will with your help, continue to raise much needed funds to help others like Loma, who desperately need our help and a loving future.