Mission Turio

We are on a special mission again – this time to look for a special human being for a Galgo named Turio who is currently with our friends at Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert.

DATE OF BIRTH 05/12/2018


“Turio is another of our long-term residents since 2021. Although it is completely incomprehensible to us why he has not found a home until now, his captivating eyes make one wonder how this is possible. Although in the shelter environment he shows some caution and shyness, his curiosity often overcomes these barriers and allows him to fully enjoy caresses and attention.

It is evident that Turio longs to come out of his protective shell and trust humans again to experience the happiness he deserves. He is an incredibly beautiful man with such great potential, ready to blossom once he finds his place in the world.

We hope to find a home for Turio that will give him the love, time and patience necessary for him to regain his confidence and shine in all his splendor. He deserves to know the beauty of the outside world and feel the comfort of a warm and cozy sofa.”