New Webinar on Overstimulation and Stress

We are very glad to be able to share with you our first webinar, very kindly created by our wonderful behaviourist, Trustee and Patron, Pennie Clayton

Over-stimulation and Stress are too big problems when introducing any new dog to home and family life, let alone a dog who has no concept of either.

We frequently advise on the importance of rest and sleep, taking things very slowly because it is CRUCIAL for these dogs and part of their rehabilitation and emotional healing which does not happen in just a few days, or weeks, or even months. It is a lifelong journey, with ups and downs. We ourselves are always learning. No day is the same. We experience many things in one day, different moods, emotions etc.
After all, what is the rush? Who is the rush for?
What we need to do is to not think of things from our point of view but to really do our best to think of it from the dogs point of view. We have had however many years on this earth experiencing the human world… but what have these dogs experienced?
We really need to slow everything down. Watching this webinar is a good place to start doing this.
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