Release of Pennie Clayton’s Book

Have ever been puzzled about your dog’s behaviour at specific times of year?

Have ever been puzzled about your dog’s behaviour at specific times of year?
Would like to improve and enhance your dog’s life?
Would like to increase the bond with your dog?

If so this book is for you!

In this book you will find a selection of thoughts about how to enrich your dog’s life throughout the year.
Our dogs live beside us whatever the weather and whatever the year. But, many dogs struggle as the seasons change. They may find it difficult to adjust to the heat of the summer or when major celebrations occur in the winter.

Their behaviour might change as the nights become darker and trigger fearful memories of fireworks and the sky exploding, with these dogs in mind there is a section which provides support and advice and help for dogs during times of extreme stress

Not only do the seasons affect dogs but they can experience fear, stress or discomfort as puppies or if they have just moved into a new home. If we understand more about how they experience the world we are better equipped to help them adjust and ensure their lives are more enjoyable.

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This book has been formulated by Pennie Clayton. Pennie is a professional dog trainer and canine therapist and contributes regularly for dog magazines. Not only that, but she just so happens to be one of Project Galgo’s Patrons! She has lived with and worked with retired racing greyhounds for many years and uses only science based and force/ fear free methods of training.