Spreading Awareness and Christmas Cheer!

We are so grateful to Ruben and Elena of Sparkly Tails who have very kindly offered to collaborate with Project Galgo this Christmas 2023!

“We are an online shop for sustainable dog products. We founded the business around 6 months ago as we recognised the big impact that the pet industry has on the environment and the need to change consumer habits into more sustainable practices. Our ethos is to buy less, better quality and safer products, while we try to promote zero waste and sustainable materials and processes. We love animals, the planet and dogs are simply our most beloved personal therapists!

As a Spanish couple, we are well aware of the dreadful situation of Galgos, Podencos, and all hunting dogs in our origin country. We would love to be actively involved in raising awareness and spreading the word so that everyone knows about the insane and terrible practices these beautiful long-faced loving animals have to endure during their short lives. We will soon release our Christmas bundles and would like to donate a percentage of the sales to your organisation if you are interested. We may not be big, but we would love to help and contribute to your incredible work. Furthermore, we are planning to raise awareness about the peaceful protest this February in our upcoming newsletters and blog posts. “Mismo perro, misma ley.” ”

Christmas Gifts For Dogs Lovers

How utterly lovely is this?!

A huge thank you to Ruben and Elena for supporting our cause in such a generous and thoughtful way.