Spring Auction 2023


We are renowned for our amazing auctions… but this year’s took the biscuit!

We are still in a state of shock from the total amount raised in our Spring Auction of 2023.
Before we release the final figure, we want to thank you all for uniting with us as a powerful voice for the voiceless. Never underestimate what can be achieved with kindness.
Every year over 100,000 Galgos and Podencos suffer brutality, torture, abandonment. The exact figure is never known as it is impossible to count those who simply vanish.
To bring one of these precious souls across to the UK for rehabilitation and rehoming, it now costs around £800 – this is without any further support they need. Food, bedding, medical treatment.. To help a saluki, it costs even more. The adoption fees we ask for are much lower than the total cost.
We are a not for profit, registered charity. We are a Team of volunteers; we do not take a wage. We do this out of love.
Fundraising is vital for us to continue to help.
This year we have been overwhelmed with the generosity of so many amazing and wonderful human beings who have shown so much compassion. So many have gone above and beyond to help us and the shelters we work with to help not only save lives but change them for the better.
There is so much extraordinary talent out there, so many cool designers and shops.
We are immensely thankful to everyone of our supporters who have made this auction one that goes down in the history of auctions. It has been exciting, exhilarating and far beyond what we hoped for.
All those who have bid and shared our posts – thank you.
Everyone who has been behind us and continues to be – thank you.
To the formidable auction team – a very special personal thank you to Wendy, Jen, Camilla and insta whizz Beth.
The grand total raised for Project Galgo’s Spring Auction 2023 is….. A stupefying… jaw dropping…